Sunday, January 1, 2012

Honda Civic Hybrid 2005 Headlamp Replacement


A headlight blew. So I had to replace it.

The high beams are toward the middle of the car and are fairly easy to replace.

In general you rotate the lamp to the left so it unclips. Then push in the tab on the wire harness end and pull the lamp loose.

Don't touch the bulbs you are putting in ever. The oil from your fingers will shatter the bulb once it is on for a while.

The low beams are the next outward from the center of the car. They are difficult.
On the driver side the battery is in the way. On the passenger side the fuel pump (?) is in the way.

The instructions say on the driver side you have to remove the wiper fluid reservoir, but I think the Hybrid is different.

What I did on the passenger side is go in through the wheel well. You use a screwdriver to pry out the two black plastic clips and then bend the wheel well plastic cover down so you can get your hand in. (Major yoga here.) I assume you do the same on the driver side.

The left and right blinker are accessed through the wheel well too.

Oh, you have to turn the steering wheel all the way to one side so the wheel well is exposed and you can get in there.



Carie Juettner said...

Thanks. Your blog post convinced my husband to stop driving himself crazy in the 105 degree temperatures trying to figure out how to get the passenger side bulb out. I'm headed to the shop tomorrow to pay someone. Too bad they made it so difficult.

TD said...

Thanks for the post. I was struggling with replacing the passenger side headlight bulb. I did not have to go through the wheel well, but I did have to remove the electrical connector before I was able to rotate the bulb out. Getting the connector off was the toughest part.

Lost in Cyberspace said...
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