Friday, July 29, 2011

On Not Watching TV

Sometimes some aspect of life can disappear and you don't even notice for a long while...

A while back we stopped paying out Comcast bill.  They eventually shut us off, and a few weeks later some guy showed up and retrieved the cable boxes when I wasn't home.

At some point after several weeks of no TV, I realized that the TV no longer worked!

We still have internet and NetFlix, still have the HDTV in the basement for NetFlix BlueRay, and all the XBoxen, Wiii, etc. so it's not like we are unplugged.  We watch TV shows, but when we want to, on our schedule.

So some thoughts are in order in regard to the great wasteland that is TV.
  • Wow, the house is quieter in the evenings. Before, there was always the TV in in the evenings and loud too.
  • Everyone is doing more interesting things, at a minimum on the computers instead where it is interactive activities.
  • The stress of TV is gone, let me explain: Most TV shows, if you get far away and listen to the voice tone instead of the actual words, are all people with tons of stress in their voices.  The 'reality' shows which Weird Al parodies so well, are all borderline psychotic people emoting about some tragedy.  The predominant emotions on TV are stress, fear, violence, fright, anxiety and such.
It is probably 'writing on the wall' that my TV could disappear and I didn't even notice for a few weeks.  The networks are doomed.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

On Raw Salad

So after reading a raw foods book, where they suggest you eat only live food, and another book by Art DeVany about paleofitness, I have been eating more salads.

So I bought a organic salad mix of baby greens in a plastic box.  I didn't have any salad dressing, so I just ate from the box like the leaves were potato chips.

Wow, each type of leaf has a unique flavor.  When you drown a salad in dressing, you miss what the actual salad tastes like!

It sort of surprises your tongue when you put in a leaf, since you never know what a given leaf will taste like.


Friday, July 8, 2011

NetLib C++ bug fix in Advanced 3D Game Programming with DirectX 10.0

I'm using NetLib and got a packet to transmit and receive, but there was a crash.

In QueueIn.cpp in AddPacket the line
pPacket = *d_packetsUnordered.begin();
Throws on the first packet.
Just before that line you need...

if(d_packetsUnordered.size() > 0)