Friday, June 12, 2009

What is 1 + 1?

  • A five year old: two
  • A mathematician: That is arbitrary symbol system and unless I know which system you are using the answers are infinite.
  • A Physicist: 1.95 +- 0.01
  • A Poet: The many splendors of love...
  • A Computer Programmer: printf("%d\n", 1+1);
  • A Computer Scientist: 10
  • Bush: that is classified for national security reasons.
  • Obama: How about we fund that research out of the stimulus money?
  • A Drunk: Shoe.
  • A Policeman: I'll ask the questions here unless you want to get tasered.
  • A Ninja: (Could not find one to ask)
  • Chuck Norris: That would be my Punch (tm) followed by my hallmark Roundhouse Kick (tm).
  • A Manager: Lets hold a meting to plan the response to that question.
  • A Consultant: I see we are funded for three weeks work, so come back in three weeks for the answer.
  • A Tester: Your program crashed while calculating the answer.
  • Buddha: Your attachment to the number one causes suffering for all beings.
  • The Pope: The correct question is what is 1 + 1 + 1.
  • Global Warming Alarmists: Our simulation shows that the answer will be increasing over time.
  • Global Warming Deniers: Our leading scientist says the answer is 2 but has recently been fired for saying so.
  • Mormons: Actually 1 + 2 or 1 + 3 works well too.
  • McDonald's Employee: Do you want fries with that.
  • Picasso: N

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